Praveg Beach Resort Jampore: Escape into Nature

From time immemorial man’s attraction to natural water bodies brings him close to oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. The aquatic phenomenon boasts an irresistible charm and people happily succumb to that beauty. Gujarat, with its largest coastal line of nearly 1600 km, has always been a major tourist attraction in western India. People from all over the country visit religious shrines like Dwarka and Somnath not just because of their divine presence but also for their alluring locations. In addition to the two pilgrimage sites, Diu and Daman have gained popularity as exotic tourist spots.

Recently, Praveg Limited - a leading hospitality brand in western India, has built beach resorts at Diu and Daman. The latter has got two resorts - Jampore and Lighthouse. With its proven track record in hospitality, Praveg has successfully grabbed the attention of tourists with its recently-opened resort at Jampore.

Jampore Beach is known for its mud-coloured water. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Jampore offers peace of mind and solitude for families and solo travellers. What makes this place prettier is the large swathes of trees, making it breezy and green.

The destination lures visitors with its extraordinary features like food, adventure activities, shell collection, and others. The place will keep you busy in pleasant ways. Until now, the beach was touted as a weekend getaway; however, with hospitality players making a beeline for Jampore, this resort is now teeming with visitors from far-off places.

The ideal time to visit

If you are a monsoon lover, you can visit the beach during the months of June to August. However, winter is the best time to visit this beach, where you can enjoy the chill and not-so-hot sun. Christmas is celebrated with a lot of fanfare at Jampore, hence, make it a point to visit this beach during December.

Where to stay?

Jampore beach resort by Praveg gives the best facilities and amenities to visitors. This eco-resort on Jampore Beach is an ensemble of 28 luxurious cottages with a refreshing interior to offer complete serenity to those looking to escape into nature and 7 Machan cottages that rise 8 feet above the ground, overlooking the sea. Natural surroundings, peaceful ambience and elegant coastal décor make it a perfect setting to relax and unwind.

For comfortable accommodation, Praveg beach resort has two options: machans and cottages. Machans are uniquely designed AC cottages that rise 8 feet above the ground, giving you breathtaking sea views and facilities. Each machan is equipped with a king-size double bed, dressing table, geyser, room heater, electric kettle, intercom, recliners, and other facilities. Apart from machan, guests can also choose lavish AC cottages for their comfortable stay. Each cottage is aesthetically pleasing with beautiful interiors; cottages have all the amenities that a guest enjoys in Machan.

Jampore is an awesome nature escape for urban tourists, who are fed up with the cacophony of city life. Here, they find luxury, loneliness and lavish hospitality, which can rejuvenate their stressed nerves.

How to reach Jampore?

By Air

Mumbai is the nearest international airport (170 km) from Daman; Surat is another major city, which is just 70 km away from Daman. Both cities have airports and are well-connected with other parts of the country.

By Train

Vapi is the nearest railway station to Daman; the industrial city is just 12 km away from Daman. Surat is 90 km away by rail route. Tourists can disembark at Vapi station from where they can pick up local buses or taxis to Daman.

By Road

Daman is well-connected to a few major cities of Gujarat; apart from Vapi, the union territory is close to Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway no. 8. The town is 170 km from Mumbai, 360 km from Ahmedabad, 110 km from Surat and 300 km from Vadodara.

About Praveg Limited

In the last decade, Praveg Limited has made its mark in the hospitality industry with its excellent services and contemporary, tented infrastructure. Tent City Varanasi, Tent City Narmada, and White Rann Resort are finest examples of Praveg’s hospitality. Moreover, the company has plans to set up a few more resorts at Velavadar, Diu, Adalaj (Gujarat), and Ranthambhore and Javai (Rajasthan).

Stay tuned to this space to know more about Daman, Jampore Beach, and Praveg Beach Resort.