Bye-bye Rann Utsav:See You in the Next Winter

Vibrant Rann Utsav 2024 is in its final week. Even after 19 years of its run, the celebration has yet to lose its charm and enthusiasm. Rann Utsav has continued to meet national and international guests thanks to the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited's (TCGL) efforts and sincere support from hospitality players in Gujarat and India. For the first time in tourism history, people know that the dust can be delightful.

Every year since 2005, Rann Utsav has begun in November and ended in February or March. Weather dictates the start and end dates of the white rann festivities; this time, TCGL decided to organise Rann Utsav from 1st November 2023 to 29th February 2024.

White Rann Resort by Praveg Limited is the official operator of Rann Utsav. The resort warmly welcomes visitors and guests from all corners of the world. The resort boasts a strategic location at Dhordo, which UNESCO recognises as a Heritage Village. Just 4 kilometres from White Rann, this resort has countless facilities and amenities for guests. Lockable premium AC tents, heaters in all AC tents, and extra beds for third adults/children are some of the excellent features of White Rann Resort.

Guests can explore the Kutch and White Rann by choosing their stay at White Rann Resort. Some of the most beautiful tourist attractions close to the resort are Vande Mataram Memorial Museum at Bhujodi, Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal or Sharad Baug Palace, Indo Pak Border, Kutch Museum, Kalo Dungar, Chhari Dhand. To visit the far-off places in Kutch, guests can use the Travel Desk at the resort to book a taxi to explore destinations like Dholavira, Siyot Buddhist Caves, Surkotada, Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Shyamji Krishna Verma Memorial, Jesal Toral Samadhi, Mundra Port, Mandvi Beach, and Vijay Vilas Palace.

The resort offers guest-friendly recreational activities like pool, table tennis, board games, a reading corner, a kids' play area, cultural performances, badminton, etc.

Guest Experience at White Rann Resort

Shubham Gupta

"We stayed at Great Rann Resort with the whole family. We booked three tents in late December in full moonlight. The stay was comfortable and very nicely located. The Rann is open till late at night for visitors on full moon days (a couple of days before and after), so it was convenient to visit late at night. Our bookings included breakfast and dinner, which was basic but tasty Gujarati food. The price was higher (we paid 17k for two tents), which is acceptable for the December end stays."

Prabha Bajpai

"Staying in Kutch at White Rann Resort was a fabulous experience. Hospitality was excellent; the Manager was very cooperative and friendly, giving us a homestay feel. The tents were neat and clean. We enjoyed the campfire."

Praseet Shukla

"I stayed here with my wife, kids and parents; I liked staying here. The room was clean and spacious compared to other tent properties. The staff maintained the tents with all facilities such as hot water, a phone charger, AC, etc. The best part was the food; chef Sadhak took care of the guests by himself, and dinner was super good in taste and hygiene. Even the idli served in the morning with Poha and kakhra was delicious."

Summing up...

Rann Utsav is a winter festival in the White Rann of Kutch; therefore, TCGL and hospitality players must wind up their operations in February or March. The next instalment of Rann Utsav will start in November 2024 and finish in February or March 2025. Till then, bye-bye! We will be waiting for your arrival next year.